Lanparte with Sony F3 went through together in this winter
Time: 2017/3/30 9:28:12

Lanparte with Sony F3 went through together in this winter

When I was chatting with a German friend two days ago, he sent me some pictures of our kit with Sony F3, I was surprised. It seemed almost below -20 degrees, the ground was fully covered with the white snow, they were shooting an advertisement for the Audi. Obviously, our kit could withstand the test of the cold.

Looking into the monitor, that’s the running Audi, we don’t know the specific model of it, maybe we can get to know on our next chatting, LOL.

The next group of detail pictures is the perfect combination of the Lanparte and Sony F3, we are very appreciate our German friends for providing us such cool pictures.

Knittefisch is professional video production in doing the Advertisement and Publicity for the big company, he sent me these pictures is the best support for us. Thanks. Here is their website:

We build the HDMI splitter in the V mount battery pinch, it can divide into two HD signals for two monitors.

The Matter box is made by the carbon fiber, it combined with the lens perfectly. It seems they used one or two 4*5.65 filter.

Here is a vedio cameraman, another is the Follow focus operator.

Here put two pictures of whole effect, it’s so cool.

The last assembled picture was shot by someone who were decorating a show in DE,they said they were loving our kits. The picture of right corner is their weapons depot, full of cinema equipments.