The Extension Arm for Panasonic AU-EVA1
Time: 2018/3/21 10:10:28

Recently, thePanasonic AU-EVA1 is on sale and many photographers like this camera. Just as the Sony PXW-FS5, the original camera control grip mount on the camera body. We use the same design for AU-EVA1.

The original control grip on the Panasonic AU-EVA1 camcorder is too short. When cameraman shoots with it on a shoulder rig, it's not comfortable. That's the reason we design this extension arm for AU-EVA1, the cameraman doesn't even need to remove the original screws from the camera body. 

There is an AU-EVA control grip adaptor on the extension arm, just rotate the original controlgrip into it. On another end, there is a standard ARRI style rosette teeth adaptor with M6 screw on it, it's easy to connect to anybase with the ARRI style adaptor. Besides that, we add a built-in control cable inside the arm. 

The cameraman can plug the original 3 pin control cable into the built-in port and plug another 3 pin signal jack into the "REMOTE" port on the camera body,use it as the original. Open the knob to adjust the length of the extension armto get best holding position cameraman wants. It's the must need gear forshooting with Panasonic AU-EVA1.

Check this link to see more details of this arm: