60CM (24”) BNC to BNC UHK Video SDI Coaxial Cable


- HD to SDI Cable
- Pure coaxial transmission
- Standard BNC connectors

UPC:   840534110192
You Pay:   $22.00

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Product Details

The 60CM (24”0) BNC to BNC UHK video SDI coaxial cable from lanparte is a 75 ohm coaxial cable complete with two male BNC connectors designed to support the transfer of both RF and video signals, particularly HD quality video signals. It’s only 2.5mm in diameter. It can snake around any component you have in your rig, perfect for use in compact camera setups with an EVF or camera monitor which uses SDI. 


Connector type : BNC male to BNC male
Connector cover : AL
Core of conductor : 0.8mm copper
Cable diameter : 2.5mm
Shelter : double shelter, aluminium-foil paper+internal copper net
Resistance : 75Ω,
Frequency : 0~2GHz

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