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LA3D Firmware updating instruction
click:         Date:2016-03-03 10:58:58

LA3D Firmware updating instruction


We have the firmware for LA3D with below 7 updating. Please download the file to update your LA3D.

1.       Make LA3D return to central position in 100% in Yaw axis

2.       Make battery work for longer time

3.       Enlarging the range of moving speed

4.       Low power blink. The power light keep blinking when the power lower than 25%

5.       Better algorithm. No drifting after the firmware set up

6.       Mode switch. LA3D will switch to normal mode from inversed mode when you turn off the power if you use the inversed mode before.

7.       Overflowing protection. LA3D will stop working when the current is too large.


Download link:

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