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Lanparte Detachable Wired Control Gimble LA3D-2
Lanparte Detachable Wired Control Gimble LA3D-2
Product description




1.  Detachable handgrip design, the gimbal platform can be mounted on bike, boompole, jib;

2.  Wire/Wireless control gimbal, pan/tilt control;

3.  Camera power supplying port for long-time shooing;

4.  3 modes to control the gimbal: following,semi-following, locking;

5.  Encoding chip inside to make sure the precision control make sure the video smooth.



Lanparte LA3D-2 detachable 3 axis hanheld gimbal for gopro and similar size sport cameras. 


Product Name Lanparte detachable 3 axis handheld gimbal
Model Number LA3D-2
Color Black&Green
Material Aluminum/Rubber
Weight 345g(w/o battery and camera)
Dimension 274*117*93mm
Packing Protection bag
Payment T/T, Paypal, Western Union
MOQ 50
Delivery Time 7 Days
Battery Li-on battery 18350/18650
Function Mode Following/Semi-following/Locking
Control Handheld/Wire
Bluetooth Support(Optional Accessories)
Operating Voltage 6.5V~12.6V
Operating Current Standard 120mA
Operating Hours 2h(18350)/8h(18650)
3 axis angle Pitch ±130°/Roll ±140°/Yaw ±150°
Approval /Certificate CE/RoHS/FCC
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LA3D02.jpg 002.gif
LA3D03.jpg 00003.gif
LA3D04.jpg 0006.gif








1.5M wire remote control. 




All the parts are made by high precision CNC. Alumimun is strong and durable enough for shooting in horrible conditions.




LA3D-2 parameters




Easy to control the gimbal by the buttons




Customer can mount it to anywhere they want by the standard gopro mount.





Cameraman can power their gopro or sport camera by the built-in power port






1/4 standard thread underneath the wire control adapter.




We only use high-end material to make sure the quality.




You can mount anywhere you want.







 Optional camera mount for GoPro session 




 Optional camera mount for XIAOYI







1. What are the cameras the LA3D-2 is compatible with?
The LA3D-2 is compatible with cameras such as the GoPro3, GoPro4, GoPro Session, SJCAM, XIAOMI, Sony HD-AR520, AS200V, AS30V, AS100V, DHR-AZ1, FDR-X1000V etc. 

(Some cameras may require additional accessories to mount correctly)


2. What type of battery does the LA3D-2 use?
The LA3D-2 uses  2 x 18350 batteries. Alternatively, type 18650 batteries can be used with the pro battery extension tube. 

(Please ensure the correct battery polarity when using the battery extension tube)


3. How long  is the LA3D-2's battery life?

The LA3D-2 battery will last approximately 2 hours when you use 18350 type batteries and 8 hours with 18650 type batteries.

4. How many different modes does the LA3D-2 come with?
The LA3D-2 comes with 3 modes: Following/Semi-following/Locking mode. 

You can switch mode by pressing the function button. (Press once for Following mode, twice for Semi-following mode and three times to set the Locking mode)


5. Can the LA3D-2 work in reverse?

Yes. The LA3D-2 has a reverse shooting mode for lower angle and reverse shooting.



6. Can the LA3D provide power for cameras?
Yes. The LA3D-2 has a power port which can provide power to GoPro and other sports camera
s that have a USB B type connector. (Supported Cameras should use a USB 5pin port)

7. Does the LA3D-2 offer wireless control?
Currently this feature is  not available, however we are developing an upgraded wireless control box with a Bluetooth mod
ule inside. In future customers will be able to upgrade to wireless control.

8. Can customers upgrade features of the LA3D-2 after they buy it?
Yes. We will launch upgraded firmware periodically

9. Can the LA3D-2 use the GoPro adapter?
s. The LA3D-2 is designed with a GoPro adapter as standard. We will also be developing additional accessories for reverse shooting and vehicle-mounting.

10. What’s the warranty period of the LA3D-2?
The warranty period for the gimbal platform and handle is one year. For accessories including the charger, battery and power cable the warranty is 3 months.



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