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Nikon EN-EL 15 dummy battery pack EL15P
This EL15P is our latest product, cameraman can use it to power their Nikon DSLR D6000 D7000 D800E D800 V1 for much longer time.
Product description

Lanparte EN-EL15 dummy battery pack

A increasing people are using DSLR to shoot video or film, people love Nikon D800 and Canon EOS 5D3 5D2. However they have to face an  unavoidable issue "POWER SUPPLY" The original battery can only last 1 hour, obviously it is not enough. The cameraman need to shoot over 8 or 12 hours per day, they can't carry so many battery, they need a new " Ammunition” to supply their big gun.


The EL15P is the new" Ammunitions " , it can be connected to the outside battery resource(we also suply the V mount battery plate which can distribute the 16.8V into 5V,7.4V,12V,15V) so the camera can use the power from the V mount  (or Anton) battery, the capacity of the V mount is 8 time equal to the orginal EN-EL15 battery. From now on the cameraman won't be bothered by the power supplying problem any more


Smart full decoding chip inside the pack.


 With a standard DC jacket 5.5MM 2.1MM.


 It's a smart design, the cable from out from the side door of the pack.

Note: You must close the battery door before use the EL15 dummy battery pack.



Fit for Nikon D6000 D7000 D800E D800 V1, it fit any Nikon camera which use EN-EL15 battery pack.

It can get power from the laparte  V mount  ( or Anton mount)   battey plate:




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