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Battery Pinch
VBP-02 lanparte camera Sony V mount baterry pinch
Model No.:VBP-01
1. 5V,7.4V,12V,15V,D-tap output
2. Smart charging function
3. 15mm rod connecto
4. come with 5 cables and a charger
Product description
Lanparte V mount battery pinch


Product name Lanparte V-mount Battery Pinch
Brand name Lanparte
Model number VBP-02
G/N weight 1.1/0.8KG
Goods/PKG size 143.5*102.5*74.9mm/240*170*100mm
package Packed in Carton
Item list item quantity
V-mount battery pinch 1 pc
Yellow cable (5.5 2.1 to 5.5 2.1) 3 pcs
Red cable (5.5 2.1 to 3.5 1.35) 1 pc
C300 calbe(4.8 1.7 to3.5 1.35 ) 1 pc
Adaptor (19V 3.42A) 1 pc






















We also supply a charging adaptor and 4 cables with the plate.







Note!! If you would like to supplu power without using a V mount Battery, you must attach the charging adapter deirectly into the 15V interface and attached your advice as per usual.  


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